These are the folks who have played and continue to play a large role in making my studio a reality.  When I started on this journey, I envisioned it would be a lonely one.  The offhand glass blowing community in San Antonio is quite small, and my decision to part ways with the only other rental shop in town was tough. But I've learned you can't expect support or encouragement when you decide to be entrepreneurial -- truth is, everybody has their reasons.  But the support will come in new and surprising ways.  

Artists and craftspersons often get the credit for the wonderful stuff they create, but we owe a great deal to the folks who help file the correct paperwork, make the lights come on and machines work properly, repair walls and leaky faucets, sell office supplies, and market the works of art.  


Not pictured:  my mom, Connie Fielder-Norton, who helped advise me on real estate and leases and provided endless "way-to-gos"; my dad, Gary Fielder who tagged along on property searches for months, my sweet landlord, Bobby Corbo, who is always joking even when things go wrong and provided people and solutions to problems every step of the way; George Taylor, Bobby's right hand man, who tells amazing stories, helped me unload equipment and was essential in transforming the new space; and my sweet and patient kiddos, JD and Lucy.


The Guy Who Stays Married to Me (Tembo CFO, photographer and cheerleader)

The Equipment Designer


GC, Gary Palmieri, and Ventilation Contractor, Tony Currier


The Electricians


The Plumbers


The Blacksmiths - Custom Furniture