Commissions and Special Projects

Tembo really loves a challenge.


Custom Blown Glass Large Mouth Bass (March 2018)

LOTS of R&D to get this right.  Thanks to Lead Gaffer, Michael de Leon and Assistant, Steven Moore.  Color Prototyping, project planning  and Assisting by Dawn del Alamo.  Steel and Walnut stand made by Brian Labarbera.


Custom Violet Pendants for SA Downtown Condo (Fall 2017)

Worked with wonderful clients to give a splash of color to their remodeled three bedroom condominium in downtown SA.  Made three custom pendant lights for the kitchen bar in a beautiful violet hue.  We used a new technique to create layers of transparent color to create lines and movement.  Special thanks to Lead Gaffer, Michael de Leon, and assistant, Gus Crespo.

Stacked Cells

Had the wonderful opportunity to work on a technical assignment for an oil and gas company.  The challenge was to create stacked, closed cells which would later be filled with crude oil and shale (to represent the geological formation they were exploring).  We started using cubes but due to aesthetics and other factors moved to cylinder forms.  The project is evolving as we continually discover better ways of achieving the look and functional quality the client is looking for.


A Large Bowl to commemorate the San Antonio Italian church's 90th Birthday.

The challenge was to make a bowl for a fundraising event which would represent the colors and spirit of the San Antonio Italian Catholic Church.  We decided on a color palette of bright green, Rose, Cream, White and Gold.  The piece was made using an Italian technique called, "incalmo", which involves marrying two or more cups together to create a final contiguous vessel.  We fused three separate cups together.  The bottom cup was the most complex in that it involved stuffing one cup into another cup in order to achieve a design on the inside and a solid white color on the outside (see pictures below).  The organic lines represent our playful interpretation of Italian marble.



A Dallas client broke one of her glass terrariums from France and came to us wanting a replacement.  Tembo made her a new one for the existing wooden stump.  Using some Diamond slicing and carving tools, we transformed the blown glass blank into a beautiful replica.  The terrarium pair are now holding new succulent arrangements in our Client's home.