Silicosis Series

Lebes or Dinos

A lebes (pl. lebetes; Greek lebes - bowl) is a deep bowl, usually handleless and with a low neck dating back to ancient Athenian times.  It has no foot, but may be mounted on a stand. In vase-paintings, the shape is shown in use as a mixing-bowl in the symposium.  There are many references to lebetes as prizes. The Greek word dinos (pl. dinoi) is sometimes used today for the shape, but is not known securely for it in antiquity.

These 5 closed bowls are my interpretation of the ancient Greek form and were commissioned by a client as a recognition gift for event speakers.  John Hall of Hallmark Cabinetry made the turned wooden bases for this project.  Pictured above are prototype wooden bases made by another wood turner, Larry Walrath, of Round Rock, Texas.