Cremation Art

Paperweight containing human remains.  Client requested the colors be in light and dark reds as this was the favorite color of both the young man who died and his favorite nephew.  The young man who passed away also shared the same birthday as his favorite nephew.  This piece of cremation art glass was presented to the nephew on his recent birthday in November 2017.


Beyond the Urn...

Glass blowers are in a unique position as artists to be able to offer tasteful and creative ways to preserve the cremated remains of our most beloved (both human and animal). Tembo prides itself on offering both the traditional urn options for preserving ashes as well as glass encasement.  With encasement, the physical ashes are forever preserved as suspentions in a piece of glass art or jewelry.

Please contact us about your unique request.  We take these commissions seriously and will ensure remains are treated in a respectful manner.  All prototypes made in preparation for the final piece are offered to the family free of charge.